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If you have a DJ (or production) question or if you want to request/suggest a video topic please contact

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Social Media

Of course you can also contact DJ TLM through most social media channels, but these channels are reserved for questions and normal interaction. Please use e-mail for any business related inquiries.

  • YouTube: djTLMtv
  • Instagram: djtlm
  • Twitter: djtlm
  • Facebook: djtlm
  • Snapchat: djtlm
  • Soundcloud: djtlm
  • Mixcloud: djtlm
  • Linkedin: djtlm
  • Spotify: DJ TLM

Even though I try to use all my social media channels, I would still point anyone who wants to engage with me online to the comment sections under my YouTube videos and Instagram. I’m most active on those channels. Facebook will start to play a bigger role soon as I will be posting more content there as well in the near future.


If you’re asking a question on a social media platform that uses hashtags make sure you add #ShareTheKnowledge because that makes it easier to select questions for upcoming videos.

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