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It’s been a year since the last global scratch collaboration project, but DJ TLM is back to set up the 8th edition of his Saturday Super Sessions. The goal of the project is to connect DJs from all over the world in one video.

Everyone can download the free beat, produced by DJ TLM, record themselves on video, and submit the video to DJ TLM TV. All of the selected videos will be combined to turn it into one giant global scratch session video.

The project is aimed at DJs from all levels and it normally includes beginners to more advanced turntablists. Another cool aspect is that the DJs are using different DJ equipment, including turntables, controllers and standalone players.

If you plan to enter, make sure you follow all of the rules and guidelines as stated below.

Download the SSS8 beat here:

Watch the previous sessions:

Saturday Super Session 8 Rules/Guidelines:

  • Anyone can enter, but make sure you master the scratch you perform. If the scratches aren’t tight your video will not get in.
  • You can use any DJ equipment. Turntables, controllers, CDJs, etc.
  • Use the SSS8 beat that has been provided and do NOT change the tempo.
  • Submit 4 bars of scratches. If you submit more than 4 bars of scratching I will not accept your video.
    Tip: how to count bars:
    Tip: hit record on your camera, start the beat and let it play for 4 bars and then start scratching. After your 4 bars of scratching just let the beat play for 2 more bars and then stop recording.
  • Film your video in Landscape mode. I will not accept portrait mode videos!
  • Leave your video clean: do not add logos or names.
  • Upload your video as a .mp4 file. Max file size: 200Mb.
  • Name your video file as follows: “your DJ name”.mp4
  • Upload your video by using this link:
  • Aim for the best quality audio and video.
  • DEADLINE: your video must be submitted before December 22! Videos submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Scratch tutorials:

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