June 13: Crates Episode 65 – Beatsource Edition (live mix show) – 20:00 CEST – YouTube, Mixcloud, Twitch, and Twitter
June 15:#ShareTheKnowledge Live Episode 65 (educational live stream) – 20:00 CEST – YouTube, Mixcloud, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
June 18: Throwback Mix Episode 7 (radio mix show) – 16:00 CEST – GLXY Radio or download the GLXY app
June 19: Throwback Mix Episode 8 (radio mix show) – 16:00 CEST – GLXY Radio or download the GLXY app


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Amsterdam-born DJ / producer Uncas “DJ TLM” Huges has been rocking crowds at clubs, festivals, and corporate/private events for over 28 years. The DJ is best known for his ability to incorporate turntablism into his club sets.
The last two years have been challenging for a lot of DJs, and DJ TLM is no exception. Going from lockdown to lockdown hasn’t left much room for live performances, but once this pandemic is behind us TLM will be back behind the decks in venues again. 

Live streaming has been a great way for DJs to still connect with their audience, and stay sharp at the same time. You can watch TLM in action every Monday on his mix show Crates. Streaming from 20:00 CET on Mixcloud, Twitch, and Twitter

DJ TLM also performs as a tour DJ for Dutch platinum selling Hip Hop artist Brainpower. They have done 3500+ shows in the last 23 years and still perform regularly. During the pandemic, there haven’t been a lot of live shows, but Brainpower and TLM have been able to create a bunch of new music. You can listen to these projects here.  

TLM has been an online content creator since 2008. He started DJ TLM TV in 2011 and his motto is “share the knowledge“.

The goal is to help people to become better DJs, and he educates and motivates people through his DJ tutorials, product reviews, podcasts, vlogs, live streams, tips & tricks, and other content.

He currently has a global following of 170.000 subscribers on YouTube.

DJs can join TLM every Wednesday for a live Q&A session and ask him any DJ-related questions during #ShareTheKnowledge Live, starting at 20:00 CET on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Mixcloud, Twitter, and LinkedIn

The DJ TLM TV channel and the #ShareTheKnowledge podcast are all about authenticity, positivity, quality, and providing value.

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